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Feature Ideas

About the Feature Ideas category (1)
Notifications per category (1)
Email command to close request (2)
Response Management (2)
Filter/Report by 1st level category (1)
Group by criteria (1)
Add reporting tags en masse to tickets (1)
Add "Subscriptions" filter and have it behave like "My Queue" (1)
Group of Custom Fields (6)
Live LookUp single record with details (3)
Easy-Insert Placeholders in Ticket Note (1)
Search in and Input Text from Knowledge Base within a Ticket (2)
Feature Request: @ Mentions (3)
Feature Request: Search Terms in the URL to enable use of Custom Search Engines (3)
LiveLook Up Source tied to Category (1)
WeChat integration (4)
Assett Management (2)
Time tracking in IOS app (3)
Custom Field Drill Down List (1)
Collapse/Expand grouped requests (2)
More Customization for the Inbox (7)
Request Updated and "{user} is updating reuest" should notify you when a new update was saved while you are looking at a request (1)
Trigger Reminder Creation based on Custom Field's Date (3)
Sort by Last Public Update (2)
Drafts for knowledge pages (2)
Color tagging as a Filter/Trigger option (2)
Portal Category language different from Workspace (2)
Reponses accessible by Triggers (1)
Custom Field: pre-Filled Text (4)
Response Macro/Templates - Admin Access (3)