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2.0 beta: feature requests

  1. Now that we have merge (yay!), we need a fork request command. I would want it to create a new request with the customer info copied from the original. In addition, I’d want the first note in the new request to say something like “forked from r: 12345” .

  2. I would like a ‘select all / select none’ link on the filter pages which would either check all the checkboxes or uncheck all the checkboxes. This would make it easier to set up batch processing (yay!).



Hi John,

Thanks for the feedback.

The good news is that #2 already exists and has from version 1.0 (yay!). It’s at the bottom of the queues/filters just to the left of the drop down batch editing options. Just check that box and all the rows will be checked.

#1 is interesting, but something we need to think about more. There have been other requests for forking or even sub requests. So I see this as part of the thinking on sub requests. I’ve generally been opposed to sub requests because of increased complexity, but it may be time to review that. If sub requests end up being too complex, it could be that a more simple forking solution which you present would make sense, but I think we’d need to have a more formal reference between the two requests than just the link.

Anyway, this is a good point and something we’ll be reflecting on more for a future release.


Have you been borrowing Guido van Rossum’s time machine again? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ian.


Regarding forking, I’d be happy to roll my own simple fork method using the API if it would allow me to do these things:

  • Create a new case with fields set as desired
  • Add a note in an existing case
  • Possibly alter fields in an existing case

Pretty simple stuff, right?



Yep, you can do all that with the API.