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2.0 beta: merged requests


Once a request is merged into another, it is gone. Would you consider having HS display something nicer like a note that says “this request was merged with request foo” with a link to request foo instead of “There is no request with that ID”?

Otherwise, if you have a link to a request that got merged, your link is useless and you may be perplexed, or quite possible even flummoxed.


P.S. I love the new option called “Return to the request after closing”. :slight_smile:


Thanks, thought you’d like that :slight_smile:

Are you talking about on the portal? It should redirect you, that’s a bug. HS keeps track of that and if an email comes in for the old request it appends it to the new one and it should also work for the portal.


It was in the workspace. We don’t use the portal actually.


Ah, gotcha. I thought the portal was OK, but didn’t check. OK I’ve got this down for fixing.