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2.1.1 -- Upgrading Questions


Hi Ian,

Helpspot tells me there is a new version available, and I have downloaded the .zip file and extracted it. My original install was done using the Windows Installer, and the directions include confirming that MySql is up to date, and to backup, then if using Windows installer to simply run the Installer.

Question 1) Where is the list of differences in 2.1.1 vs. 2.1.0? I’m currently on 2.1.0 and would love to know the improvements list.

Question 2) Where is the installer in the downloaded .zip file?

Question 3) How do I find out if my version of MySql is up-to-date/sufficient, I don’t find it under my Start Menu on my server.


  • Chad Voller


Hi Chad,

You can use the installer to upgrade now. I’ll email you with the link (a link to the installer download is in the next release, currently it only links to the zip/tar files).

The installer will upgrade MySQL for you if needed.

The change log is here: