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2 Widget questions


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the widget. Really like it.

Quick question: How does one insert a line break into the text displayed by text_msg_submit ?

I’ve tried
and /n both to no avail.

Also, is it possible to embed a link under text in that message? (less pressing than the need for line breaks.)


Hi Steven,

Yes, that text is cleaned since it’s sent back to the server. I think we’ll be able to allow line breaks though so if you insert \n it will create a
tag. That won’t make it into 2.7.1 which is coming out sooooon but we’ll get a patch up for that on 2.7.1 for you.

If there’s an error a link appears but not if it works. There might be some javascript you could do by creating a function via the onload event call to put something in there, but it could be fragile.