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3 Questions. Staff Description, Global Filters and Attachment performance

  1. It would be nice to have a Description field under Staff to group different types of Staff members. We have IT Help Desk Users, Developers, Contractors, Accounting Help Desk Users and Data Analysts all using our system and its difficult to determine what type of user they are. Could I request this as a new feature.

  2. I thought I was told this may be coming in a new version but wanted to check again. We currently have all users but a few departments setup as Help Desk Staff. We have many Global Filters setup to easily allow those users to see open tickets for their category. The problem is all of these users have access to see all Global Filters and see other tickets that they really don’t need to see.

If we make them Level 2 Support, they loose the ability to see Global Filters. I would like to be able to put permissions on Global Filters so Level 2 Support can see Global Filters that pertain to them or restrict certain Global filters to show for only certain users or groups.

  1. Currently we store attachments in the database. Database is almost 19 GB and Log almost 3 GB. Is there any performance gain in storing the attachments externally. If so, is there an easy process to do this now?

  2. Bonus question. Will there eventually be a way to export and purge older tickets and attachments from the database. I’m thinking after 5 years we would want to purge some of the older tickets.


I think I found answer to number 2 from the blog.

One of our most requested features is to have more flexibility in filter permissions. While having just global and personal is simple it makes creating filters for groups of people which are less than everyone impossible.

V3 remedies that with our new permission structure. Create a filter for everyone (global), just yourself, for others in a permission group (permission groups are new to V3 as well, more on them another time), or for a selected group of people. So now if you have a sub group of the support department that needs to work together a filter can be created for that without that filter clogging up everyone’s filter navigation.


Hi Bill,

Yes, #2 is addressed in V3.

#1 can also be handled in V3 by the new permission groups. So you can create groups of staff (which can then also be used for permission visibility). Normally these groups would have different permissions but they could also be used for simple grouping, even if more than 1 group has the same set of perms.

#3 There’s not so much of a performance gain from exteranal attachments in most cases but it does make the DB much more manageable for backups and recoveries so if you’re to that size it may be worth moving to the external storage. More here:

#4 (bonus round!) 3.0 doesn’t have a purge/archive feature but this is very high on our list of todo’s so it’s very likely to be added in the 3.x series.


Thanks much. Can’t wait for V3. What is eta?


We’ll be releasing the beta start date in the next week or two.