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4.6.4 Spell check disabled by default?


Though it’s been a while since we updated to 4.6.4, a user just reported that spell check stopped working. He knew about when it stopped, which was when we updated. I turned it on for him but checked another couple users and sure enough, it was now off on everyone’s. I didn’t see this as a bug fix for 4.6.5 or .6… is this known? Is there an easy way to turn it back on globally?


This is the second installation where I have seen this. We did do an update to the WYSIWYG editor in 4.6.6 and it looks like it is now back on by default. I would try updating to the latest and see if that turns it back on for everyone. The settings is stored in the browser’s local storage however so I’m not sure if that will flush automatically or not.


Yup, 4.6.6 did indeed fix it.