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535: Feature - Attempt to determine proper customer information from an email forwarded into HelpSpo


In version 2.4.7 the above is stated as a new feature, a really great feature I may add to that.

What is the requirements for it to correctly determine the actual “initial” customer that is forwarded from someone elses mailbox/account?

We just installed the new version and gave it a try with two diffrent mail but both added me as the customer instead of the initial sender.

This was sent with a Outlook 2003 client and I forwared it with a Outlook 2007 client.


Hi Johnny,

There’s 3 requirements.

  1. The subject line must start with fw or fwd (lower, upper or mixed case)
  2. There must be a header block on the email you’re forwarding in the body of the text that contains from or frm followed by the original persons name/email information. This will usually look like this:

from: Ian landsman

  1. Your email client must be set to send both HTML and plain text versions of emails in the same email (sends both parts, text and HTML). This is usually the default, but can be turned off where you would then be sending only HTML and that would not work for the forwarding. HelpSpot needs the text version of the email to pull the information from as it’s consistently formatted. Pulling the information from the HTML version proved to be too inaccurate as there’s large differences in formatting across email clients and sometimes even in the same clients.


Is there anyway to disable this feature? While I think the idea is great, often times it seems to get only the username@ and promptly sends an email to an invalid address. Which in turn can create another ticket, etc.

I have seen it work, but I’d rather have the option to enable or disable this feature so that the person forwarding the request at least gets notified.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Hi Ryan,

A patch for that bug is available here:

There’s not currently an off switch, but we plan on adding on in the next maintenance release.


Your service is outstanding Ian.
Thanks for the prompt reply!