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A couple of out-of-office suggestions


We have been using HelpSpot heavily in our department for almost two years, and fine it a tremendously useful tool. There are a couple of small issues I’ve noticed about the out-of-office feature, however.

Firstly, only new issues or edits directly within a ticket will trigger a a reassignment. Emails from a customer to an existing ticket will stay in their queue. We can monitor each other’s queues using filters, but as these lack the ‘green flag’, it makes it harder to spot.
Would it be possible for a future release to also have external updates trigger a reassign?

Secondly, there is no way to override an automatic reassignment.
For example, I might want to edit an absent colleague’s ticket with information that they will need upon return. Or I may wish to assign a ticket to a colleage who I know will be back in the office when the ticket becomes relevant. Currently, the only way I can do this without the ticket reassigning to myself or another colleague is to (as admin) mark them as available, make the edit, then mark them as out of office again.
A “This user is currently out of office, are you sure you want them to keep this ticket? Yes/No?” fuction would be potentially useful in this scenario. Even if only as an admin-only function.


Thanks for the great feedback Andy! Yes, we actually have a few issues of our own with the out of office setup. This is an area we’re looking to improve upon in a future version (hopefully 3, though we’re still planning).

I’ve logged these items, they seem like great suggestions. Thanks!