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A couple questions about spam


I’m receiving a lot of spam in the mailboxes that HelpSpot checks for creating new tickets, and had a couple questions on dealing with it:

  1. Is there a way to not send an auto-responder out for those tickets that HelpSpot thinks is spam? I suspect that some spammers are using the auto-responders to detect whether the email address is valid. For those that don’t supply a valid reply-to address, I usually get a 2nd email from the mail server saying the message couldn’t be sent.

  2. Is there a way to not send email notifications for tickets that HelpSpot thinks is spam?

BTW, the spam filter works great – very few messages are getting past the filter, and I haven’t caught a false-positive yet.


Hi Ade,

Great to hear it’s working well for you overall, it’s definitely a key feature of the system so complements of it never get old!

  1. What version of HelpSpot are you running? In 1.3.1 (the current) the system does not send auto-responses if the mail has been determined to be spam. Perhaps there’s a bug I’m unaware of though. If you are running that version I’ll look into this further.

  2. This is now the case in version 1.5 which is currently in testing.

  1. That’s the version I’m running. I’ll watch this a little more closely. I guess it’s probable that it’s working as you say, but given the number of messages I hadn’t made the connection. No need to look into it – I can track it for the next day or so and send you more details.

  2. Great! I look forward to it.


Well, I had a few messages come in overnight that were marked as spam, and didn’t get bounce-backs for autoresponders on any of them.

My mistake then – I must have been confused by all the messages coming in. You can consider this closed.


Great, thanks for getting back to me on that.