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A Few Questions


Good Morning Community,

We have recently purchased Helpspot, and so far everything is working great! I did have a few questions.

  1. Is it possible once an end user logs into the portal, to automatically fill in Name, and e-mail when submitting a new ticket? Currently they still have to enter a name and e-mail address before submitting a new ticket.
  2. Is it possible to make it so the system does not require a category?

Thanks for your help!


One other questions was, does anyone have a tool, or process defined for moving information from an old ticketing system to a new one? We had Spiceworks, and are working on trying to migrate information from that SQL database(SQL Lite) to HelpSpot (MSSQL).


Hi Brett!

  1. Not by default, the portal doesn’t require a login except to see history and doesn’t store names and such so it has no way to know them. You could customize it to store them in a cookie or something along those lines.

  2. Not in the staff interface, but on the portal if you have no public categories then the category selection field will not be shown.

  3. Ever tool is so different that it’s pretty much always a custom setup to import data and it’s best done via the API. Normally, it’s a lot of trouble for little gained. It’s usually best to keep the old system live for a few months while you transition and then leave it as an archive, but you can import via the API if you do require that.