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A trigger for "Did this message solve your issue?" responses


Hi Again,

I have another scenario that I could use some insight with.

From time to time we send out a blanket/automated response to a large batch of open emails that includes a list of FAQs of the trending issues we are seeing for a particular store. In some cases, this blanket response goes out to hundreds of open email tickets. The way this works now is that we instruct the customer to reply to the automated message if their question was not covered in the email FAQ, then we isolate and prioritize these followup responses with a filter in HelpSpot.

Is there another way to trigger the ticket with a single link that says “Click here if this message did not solve your issue”, and by doing so it will tag a custom field that will help us isolate the tickets in our queue, rather than having the customer reply to the message again.

I hope this make sense.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  • Jeff


There’s not a link that could do that (with out building a small custom api based page to do it, which would be fairly easy), but you could probably handle the reply backs with triggers.

So, if when you send this batch you set a text custom field with a unique value for this batch. Like “error:2-24-15”. You could have an ‘on update’ trigger which tested for replied to tickets with the custom field having “error:2-24-15” set. Then do whatever special routing you want to do with that.

If you just want to know which ones of those open back up you could also just have a filter which showed requests where the custom field is set to “error:2-24-15” and the ticket is open. I assume you close them during the batch so if the customer replies back it will again be open and you can see just those.

You could use the link to the portal in the way you describe, but they’d actually have to provide an update to reopen. So really, it’s no different than them replying to the email and probably an extra step for them really.