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A way to notify the user of other requests from the same email address



We’re running HelpSpot 2.4.7.

If someone is working on a request, we want them to be made aware if the requester has other issues in the system at present, and (briefly) what the status of those requests is. For example, if a customer sends in a request, then quickly sends in another, we’d like whoever works on one request to be made aware of the existence and status of the other request.

The History Search tab in the request view addresses this, with three drawbacks:

  1. It’s not displayed by default in the request view, so there is no indication that the customer has other requests in the system. The Customer tab is. Information on the Customer tab is also useful, so we don’t want the Customer tab to be obscured.

  2. The user needs to act (i.e. select the History tab) in order to see the other requests from that customer.

  3. If there are lots of requests, the history list takes up a large area on the screen.

So we’re looking for a hard-to-miss way to indicate to our users that the customer has other requests in the system, without requiring user action and without obscuring anything that’s already there.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we could do this?

One idea could be to add a “5 most recent requests” to the Customer tab, showing the request IDs (linked to the request in a new window), date / times and open/closed states.

A slightly-less-good idea could be to default the request view to the History Search tab and somehow constrain the results to the most recent x requests.

I’m hoping others have this same need and I’m interested to hear how they deal with it.




Currently, there isn’t a good solution, however in the next release the number of open tickets will be displayed in parentheses within the History Search Tab (if any exists). If none exist, then the parentheses and the number will be hidden.

Please let me know if you have additional questions or need further assistance.
Thank you,


Hi Jim,

Just one more detail on this. It will be using the default history search type set to determine this, so if you default to an email address match it will show how many open requests match that search.


Thanks guys. When you say “the number of open tickets will be displayed in parentheses within the History Search Tab”, do you mean the number will be displayed on the tab itself, so that it’s visible to the user in the default Request View - without having to select the History tab?



There’s a few different places we’re actually considering showing this, but yes it will be visible without needing to click anything.