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A way to retrieve the Markdown source of sent public notes



From both an open and a closed request, we’d like to have a way to recall the Markdown-syntax source of a note as it was entered in the plain text editor. This would be ueful so we can copy and paste it into a new request, or create a template response based on it, etc.

We can’t see any way to do this. “Quote” does it a little bit, but it indents each line, and the request needs to be open (most if not all of the notes we would want to copy would be attached to closed requests).

Is there a way to do this? Will there be a way in a future release?




If you mean from an existing note that’s not possible. It’s transformed to HTML and is not stored. If you wanted to build a little external tool to do it you could with the excellent

HelpSpot actually uses this library in some cases itself. It can convert HTML to Markdown with pretty good accuracy.