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About DNS mapping config



We just moved to a new server so we got a new IP address.
We already contacted with our DNS service and they have pointed our URL to this new ip adress.
However, lets say our URL is
when I use this URL to check the normal page, it was fine.
But if I want to visit admin page ex., the URL turn into ip address.
Could you tell me where can I config this ?

Thank you very much



I am sure this has been solved by now as this is an old post but if you check the install directory for helpspot in the helpspot folder you should see a file called config.php
About halfway through you should see a line that says:
define(‘cHOST’,‘http://SERVER’s IP/helpspot’); // Base URL used within HelpSpot, WITHOUT tailing slash “/”

Go ahead and change where it has your IP to the hostname you are using in DNS and it should stick.