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Access key is not generated


I used webservice API “api/index.php?method=request.create”.Used this i get the access key.
But if the custom field is empty the access key is not generated.but i set these custom fields are not required in the admin panel.But in XML format “Required parameter Custom17 not supplied” like that it using version 1.0.

Please guide me.Plz reply soon.


Hi Raji,

You confirmed in Admin->Tools->Custom Request Fields that ID17 is not required right? What type of field is it?



Yes correct.i set in admin ID17 is not required.It’s a text field only.


I’m not able to replicate this issue. What version of HelpSpot are you using? Please post up the exact data you’re sending in via POST to the API. Actually that’s something you should check, be sure you’re using HTTP POST and not GET for sending in the data.



Am using 1.0 version Helpspot.and also using POST method only.

My code is

<?php /* Any field names listed in the 'required' hidden field will be checked by HelpSpot to make sure they're not empty */?> <?php /* The 'additional' hidden field can be used to pass hidden information in the request. This is best used when you pass in information as described above. You can pass in additional=otherdetails and those details will be passed into HelpSpot with the rest of the request. NOTE: Customers can see the additional information on the check screen. It is also emailed to them */?> <?php /* Use this field to submit the customer ID to HelpSpot. You may need to change the variable lg_portal_req_account in your language file to match what your organization calls the field (Account ID, User ID, etc)

<?php echo lg_portal_req_account ?>:

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('sUserId','<br />') ?>
<input type="text" name="sUserId" size="40" maxlength="250" value="<?php echo $this->request_sUserId ?>" />
*/ ?> <?php /* HelpSpot will automatically parse the name into first name and last name */?> <?php /* If you would rather use individual first name and last name fields then uncomment these fields and comment out the fullname field above. You also need to remove the 'fullname' item from the hidden field 'required' above.*/?>


<?php echo Name ?>:
<?php echo $this->helper->showError('sFirstName','
') ?>

<?php echo lg_portal_req_email ?>:
<?php echo $this->helper->showError('sEmail','
') ?>

<?php echo lg_portal_req_phone ?>:
<?php echo $this->helper->showError('sPhone','
') ?>

<?php echo lg_portal_req_detailsheader ?>
<?php //Show categories for the vistor to choose from if any categories have been made public. //Defaults to empty (inbox) ?> <?php if($this->splugin('Categories','count')): ?>

<?php foreach($this->splugin('Categories','getCategories') AS $category): ?> > <?php echo $category['sCategory'] ?> <?php endforeach; ?>

<?php endif; ?>


<?php echo $this->helper->showError('Custom1','
') ?> Branch 1 Branch 3 Branch 4 Branch 5 Branch 6 Branch 7 Branch 11 Branch 12 Branch 13 ALL

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('Custom2','
') ?>

Customer Business Name:                            Eclipse Customer Number:

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('Custom4','
<?php echo $this->helper->showError('Custom5','

Provide first and last names of each person that will be using WOE. Unique login Credentials will be created for each user

If there are multiple users at one company, one user can be designated as a Superuser. A Superuser can create user accounts ,change passwords etc.for users within their company.This is optional.

First Name:                                      Last Name:                           Superuser?
<?php echo $this->helper->showError('Custom6','
') ?>
<?php echo $this->helper->showError('Custom7','
') ?>
<?php echo $this->helper->showError('Custom8','
') ?>
                                 No Yes

First Name:                                      Last Name:                           Superuser?
                                 No Yes

First Name:                                      Last Name:                           Superuser?
                                 No Yes

First Name:                                      Last Name:                           Superuser?
                                 No Yes

<?php //portalFormFormat 1 is the complex 3 question display. 2 is the simple single textarea. 
  //1 is the default. If you'd like to just use the simple textarea you can switch the setting in Admin->Settings->Portal

if($this->hd_portalFormFormat == 1): ?>

<?php echo lg_portal_req_did ?>:

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('did','
') ?>
<?php echo $this->request_did ?>

<?php echo lg_portal_req_expected ?>:

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('expected','
') ?>
<?php echo $this->request_expected ?>

<?php echo lg_portal_req_actual ?>:

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('actual','
') ?>
<?php echo $this->request_actual ?>

<?php elseif($this->hd_portalFormFormat == 0): ?>

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('simple','
') ?>
<?php echo $this->request_simple ?>

<?php endif; ?>
//Captcha form protection. You can turn this on and off via a setting in Admin->Settings->System Security. It’s enabled by default
//This text captcha should be sufficient for most automated spam. If someone has modified a robot to target your site specifically
//then obfuscating the word via javascript or using an image may improve results ?>
<?php if($this->hd_useCaptcha == 1): ?>

<?php echo lg_portal_captcha ?> -
<?php echo $_SESSION['portal_captcha'] ?>

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('captcha','
') ?>

<?php endif; ?>
<?php echo $this->helper->getSPAMCheckFields() ?>

Please chk my code and tell where i have done mistakes.


Hii Ian Landsman

If u find the solution please let me know.Then only i can proceed further.



I received your mail.I want to show you,i can’t able to get the custom field.thats y i put in the API in the Form action.Using curl function only i got the access key.Then I need a request page and also the “new Account login” page.For that new Account login page what i have to do?With out API we can create the new form?If so please give some example codes… Then i could try.
Please guide me.