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Access key using private.request.create



I am using the API to interface some external systems with our help desk.

I noticed that when I use the private API to create a request I only get the request ID, I do not get the access key. I also noticed that once the ticket is created access key is not available throught get function.

The person I need to show the ticket to is not the customer, it is the supervisor and office manager.

Is it possible to link to the Check on Request page without having the access key? Otherwise I am assuming I might have to create a new page that uses the private.request.get function to show the ticket.


Hi Mark,

If the supervisor/manage us a HelpSpot user then you could link to the admin.php page for a request directly. Otherwise what you can do is make the access key. It’s just the request ID plus the password string of characters, you can get that string via private.request.get