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Access Keys



This seems pretty good. I like what I am using. A few questions though.

  1. Is it possible to change the access key string to something a little more meanigful?

  2. The private/public note link is slightly confusing in how it is ‘presented’ to the helpdesk user.

Providing a link that says ‘Private Note’ would suggest you click it to create a private note, but what it actually means is ‘switch note type’. Perhaps it would be better to mark the note quite visibly as either Private or Public with a link that says ‘Switch Type’

  1. I also note that all the source code is ‘encoded’. Is there no way that once the system has been purchased we could modify the source? I understand the potential implications this may have on your business but thought it was worth asking.



Hi James,

  1. Not currently, but the reason they are random is to protect the users request. If they were more meaningful it would be easier to break into the request.

  2. Great point. We’ve been looking at this as well and hope to have an improvement soon.

  3. Actually it’s not so much encoded to protect our business as to protect our customers. In previous software tools having the source open lead to major issues for our customers as the person who made the changes inevitably moved on. This left the customer with a product which could not be upgraded.

In practice most customers have little need to modify the actual code because HelpSpot stores everything in the database. If there’s something you really need to work with you can almost always accomplish it by working with the database directly. Several customers are doing this with great results.

If it’s UI changes you’d like to make you could also use Greasemonkey for FireFox to modify it on the client side which would allow safe upgrades in the future while still letting you tweak things as you see fit.