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Accessing underlying data (database)?


I’m looking to create some reports that look like they are outside the ability of the built in filters/reports capabilities. I saw on another forum post you recommending using the raw data for reports. Can you direct me to documentation on how to access the underlying data?



Hi Todd,

There’s no specific documents on that, but the request information is generally in HS_Request and HS_Request_History.

The API page has a lot of useful information on the field names meaning, most map to database columns:


Oh, I wanted to mention that if you are trying to access something specific post it up and we’re happy to help.


It sounds like HS_Request and HS_Request_History are table names.

Do we have direct access to the database? If so, what is the info needed to access the database (we are using the hosted version).

Or, do you get this via a web service? If so, what is the syntax of the call?

I’m trying to create a report that returns the number of requests per day, grouped by category - that also includes the average amount of time spent on the ticket. This allows seeing what type of problems the help desk is seeing - but also shows which ones are complicated (as defined by the amount of time spent on it) versus ones that are simple to address.

I’m comfortable with SQL, so if I can access the raw data (either directly, or downloading CSV which I can load into my own tables) I should be able to generate a meaningful report.



Hi Todd,

Yep, you have direct access to the DB. The EngineHosting welcome email you were sent (or someone at your company was sent) has information on how to log into the EngineHosting control panel.

From there you can get to phpMyAdmin. You also have SFTP access so you could upload a script if you prefer and access the DB that way.