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Active Directory Integrated Customer List?


During our evaluation, one of our concerns is having a customer list that does not get garbage up. We currently enter all of our requests in our current help desk system. Will Live Lookup, or can it be configured to return users from Active Directory? I’m assuming that since Black Box authentication will work for Staff logins, I should be able to configure Live Lookup to work with AD.

Anyone’s help is greatly appreciated.


Yes you can and may people do. Live Lookup doesn’t care what system it integrates with as long as it returns the proper XML. Normally you’ll have an in between script to transform your systems data (AD in this case) to the Live Lookup simply XML format. So HelpSpot passes in customer variables via GET/POST, your script uses them to make an AD call and then formats the results into XML which it returns by simply outputing the XML just like you’d do to return it to a browser. HelpSpot reads it in, parses and shows the results to the staff member.