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Active Directory Integration w/ Windows Installer 3.1.8


I am trying to move my current HelpSpot install onto a new server. I currently have 2.7.2 in my production environment. However we are starting with a new db and server. I have installed HelpSpot using the windows installer and am trying to use Active Directory authentication for users to login. However, I cannot seem to get it to work. I have configured the Blackbox.php and the adLDAP.php files into my custom_code folder but I have a feeling the adLDAP.php isn’t working correctly. Should this php file be in another folder? Also, what versions are supported of the adLDAP.php file? I am wondering if there is a version incompatibility that is causing me an issue…

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Resolved… had to edit the PATH environment variable to specify the path of the php install. Thanks!


Great, let us know if you have any other trouble.