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Active Directory Support


Any plans to implement Active Directory integration?


If you want to use AD for logging in your techs these links will help:

If you’re trying to pull your customers data out of an AD server then what you’re looking for is Live Lookup:

Live Lookup lets you integrate HelpSpot with any of your data systems. In short, it passes what it knows about the customer to a script you write. The script can be in any programming language. Your script then does any lookups it needs to do with the data and returns a very simply XML document which is outlined in the link above.


Hi Christian,

We wanted active directory integration as well. The solution we found was to use a product called ASPUser ( and then link to this via the blackbox integration. Works very well and only took us about 30 minutes to code.


Very interesting John. Would you mind posting the code you used in the black box file so I (and others) can see how you hooked it in. Of course, remove any variables specific to your install.


This is the code we used to link with ASPUser:

function BlackBox($username, $password){

try {
	$ObjectASPUser = new COM("Persits.Aspuser");
	return true;
catch (Exception $e) {
	return false;
return false;


Its a bit messy in terms of having to catch a login failure (ie we only know this happends by capturing and exception) but it works!


Acually what we would need is that if the user is logged on, it does not ask the user for a suerid and password. In an open source Wiki we do it with this function.

username = _SERVER[‘LOGON_USER’];

Is there any way to avoid the logon screen if the user is already authenticated to the domain?


There’s currently no way to avoid the login page Josep, but it’s being looked into. Right now if the login check fails it goes right to the login page. I think we should be able to have it run the black box check first and if that passes then continue, but it’s still being researched.


Thanks John! I haven’t seen much COM work done from PHP, this is indeed very interesting and I’m sure will prove very useful to other customers.


Just curious as to how this would work is this somethign that can work in a shared hosting enviorment? Will it work for multiple ADs or would you need a seperate install for each AD you would want to have logins for? Basiclly i am inquiring about this as a pre sales question as i have a client that maintains four seperate school districs and they are looking to ease their burden of support also can the knowledge bases be segregated by groups say group one only sees what is relevent to group one without even knowing there is a group 2 group 3 etc?



Sure you can use this on a shared host, many people do.

If your client handles support for 4 different districts they could use this in a few ways. If they need entirely separate portals for each then they could run 4 different installations. If not it would probably be easier to run one installation. HelpSpot can answer many different email accounts from one installation so that’s not an issue.

Currently a single installation can’t totally hide one knowledge book from another. At least not easily. Version 2 will have branding support which will make this easy, but that won’t be out for some time.