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Add a "Contacted Via" option


First of all, Great product! We’ve been evaluating many different Helpdesk ticket systems and yours is the one that everyone here at the Linux Networx iServices team is happy with.

Ok, now the back slapping is over with.

Is there a way to add a ‘contacted via’ option?

We often get people who use IM to reach the Helpdesk staff as well as the usual walkin, email, phone and portal. We love the little easy to recongnise icons you have for each contacted via option.

Could you add a IM opton? or is there a way that we can?

It’s not too important for the functionality of our system, but it’s been asked for.


Hey thanks for the back slap, always appreciated!

There’s no way to add one, but I love the IM idea. I’m sure others will find this beneficial as well. I’ve added it to the “todo” list.


Wow, 6mins response time… thats good. Looks like you know how a good helpdesk should be run. We are looking forward to the NEW releases you have planned.


Thanks! Using the RSS feeds makes it easy to keep track of new posts.

Yep, the new release has lots of changes. Looking forward to getting everyones feedback.