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Add field to widget



Right now I have the helpspot widget on my website, but it only lets people enter the fields: “Question”, “Name” and “email”

What would I have to do (in basic steps) to format the widget to accept “name”, “email”, “phone”, “company name”, and “question”. (I’m adding additional fields of information to be sent)



This is not currently possible, the widget is designed as a quick contact mechanism so it doesn’t support longer forms with those additional fields. You would need to create something custom to do that.


How would I go about creating something custom?


I mean you’d need to build your own widget using javascript and then have it interact with our API to create requests.


Could you recommend any guides, or resources for going about doing that?


It’s a fairly elaborate process to be honest, especially if you need cross browser compatibility (as you probably will). I don’t recall seeing a specific guide on javascript tab development, you’ll need some fairly experienced with javascript to do it well.


Thanks for all your help. I’ll be attempting to work with people in order to program a new widget in javascript.