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Adding a "Link" based on custom field to the issue view


We recently purchased Help Spot to take over the Helpdesk side of things, but still are using an external system for our Issues (been in place for too long to make any quick changes).

My question is this.

When one of our e-mails results in an issue creation, we have a custom field with that issue number.

is there a way to add a link to the request view that would take that custom field, and create a link with it? I can do all the back-end, but I need to know how to have it show a link.

Possibly add a new custom field of type URL, that you could build on? Or even something as simple as a “live-lookup” type item, that would return a URL, that would in turn become clickable in the request view


Hi Matt,

A link type custom field is something we’re looking at. For now though you could use Live Lookup for this. Using a cdata block you can return HTML in Live Lookup results. Since your LL script gets all the custom field values you can build a link and return it.

Now that HelpSpot also supports multiple Live Lookup endpoints you could have a special LL search type just to return various links.


Thank you for the reply Ian! Outstanding service!