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Adding a set of custom fields


I haven’t tinkered with helpspot too much so if the answer is in the manual somewhere, please just send me a link and I’ll read it.

I’d like to create a couple fields called “Materials” and “Cost” to go along with our shop requests. I’d like these to work like the time tracking where there can be multiple materials and costs associated with each ticket. In other words, the shop worker, in a ticket should be able to add “aluminum”, “$25.00” and then click “Add Materials.” Then be given the option to repeat the process for other materials.

I’d also like the ticket to display a total so when it is transfered to the bookkeeper, she’ll be able to invoice the order. I might be able to figure out this part if I can get by the first.

Thanks, bob


Hi Bob,

Currently there’s no field type that works that way. I can’t think of a way to replicate that sort of behavior in any real way. You could use a large text field and keep them as some kind of list but it won’t be very structured.