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Adding Additional Customer Information


Hey everyone!

Currently my company is evaluating the HelpSpot software, and they are really starting to get on-board with it. However, I was hoping to clarify a few things real fast and see if there are possibilities of it with either this release or future releases:

1.) We are constantly referencing customer data, such as machine ID numbers, software versions, etc. I know that this information can be viewed via the Live Lookup feature, but can it be actually added to the HelpSpot customer database? A feature we are needing is the ability to, rather than look up customers by domains or names, but rather by software versions they are running. We’re trying to get away from the endless Excel files!

2.) Is there a way to change the default subject in new requests? Something other than ‘Information on Your Request’? We would rather want something along the lines of 'Company Name - Request {Tracking ID}

If we could get these two points covered, this software would allow us to do 99.9% of everything we are looking to get done. If anyone has any information they could provide me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all! Have a great week!


Hi Brandon,

Great to hear HelpSpot is starting to grow on you!

  1. Yes, you can do this. HelpSpot doesn’t really store customers as their own database, but you can store software version information (and whatever else you like) with each request. You do this by adding custom fields in Admin->Tools->Custom Request Fields. Custom fields can be populated via a Live Lookup request. So when you click insert customer information it will insert the data into the custom field. You can then filter and run reports by software version and/or any other custom fields.

  2. You could modify the email template subject line to do this in Admin->Tools->Modify Email Templates in the Public Notes to Customers template. Doing so though won’t return the customers original email address. If you just want to change it for requests you manually create, but not requests emailed in from customers you’d need to change it in the language file. Info on modifying the language file is here:

One other idea is that if you rarely manually create requests you could use a response (Workspace->Responses) to set the subject. That way with one click you can set it to what you need.

Let us know if there’s anything else you need.



Thank you so much for the prompt reply. The information you provided me has been forwarded to my supervisors and IT team, who should be very pleased with this info. Thank you again!


Great! Let us know if there’s anything else you need.


If possible, can I get some additional clarification?

We use Active Directory to list our employee’s titles. We also have Live Lookup enabled to pull in the standard customer information (first name, last name, phone, email . . . we do not use Customer ID) and this is working.

If we add a custom field for title via the Admin->Tools->Custom Request Field and call it ‘Title’, will the name of the GET variable we make be called ‘title’?

If we want to add more custom fields, how do we determine what to call these in our ll.php custom code?


. . . and digging around, I found this link -

I suspect that this will answer my questions. Putting on my thinking cap.


Yep you got it. It will be referenced by Custom# where # is the custom fields ID number. You should return that format back in your XML reply as well and HelpSpot will magically translate that to the proper label and be able to insert it into the correct place.