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Adding and setting up Additional Fields in Helpspot


Hi Ian,

I’ve looked long and hard for an answer to this question but dont seem to be able to find the solution. Im sure (hoping) i am missing something glaringly obvious…

What we need to do is pass some more information about cusomters into Helpspot and it seemed as though the easiest way of doing this would be through the ‘additional’ hidden field. So i set that up, catching a variable defined by us, and it seems to be working. In the source code of the request form i can see that the varaible is being caught successfully.

However, how do i pass this value into Helpspot so our customer support team can see this information when they open up a request?

For example, lets say the variable i am catching in the hidden field is “abc”…i want to be able to see this value in a field when i open up this persons request.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Michael,

Once you’ve populated the additional field the information should be part of the request information you see when you open the request. For this to work though you will need to have the 3 fields set on the form, not the single field I believe.

What you may want to do instead though is use a custom field (Admin->Tools->Custom Request Field). That will give you more reporting/filtering options as well. You’ll need to make the custom field public, but in the template you could modify the custom field output to make that custom field hidden rather than be shown.