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Adding emails to existing threads - scenario 1


We have the need to add emails to existing Helpspot threads. These can arise in two ways:

  1. We use the helpdesk of our ERP system vendor to receive help for that system. When they respond to us by email we’d like to be able to add that email to our user’s help thread on Helpspot. I had hopes that the email parser tags could be used for this but I don’t see one that can add a mail to an existing thread.
  2. If a user sends an email to one of the support staff directly, but relating to an existing thread, it would be nice to have an easy way simply to forward this to Helpspot and append it to the existing thread.

Is there a way we can deal with these easily?


Hi Jim,

This shouldn’t be too hard do. Of course you’ll need to know the ID of the request in HelpSpot. Once you have that all you need to do is forward the message to one of your HelpSpot mailboxes, but in the email subject add the ID surrounded by brackets anywhere in there. So a sample title might originally look like this:

“help with my account”

And when you forward change it to this:

“help with my account {12563}”

Where 12563 is the ID of the request you want to append the email to.

Let me know if the above works for you.

On a side note, I really like the idea of having an email parser tag that would also allow you to do the same thing. I’ll put that down for consideration in a future release.


Excellent - I tried putting the ID in the title and the message appeared on the corresponding thread. This is just what I was looking for, thanks.