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Adding emails to existing threads - scenario 2


Sorry to be filling up your forum single-handedly. I put this in a separate topic since it’s really a different issue to my previous one.
If a user sends a follow-up email to our helpdesk mailbox but which relates to an already existing Helpspot thread, I think we’d want to append it to that thread. However, I can’t find a way of either moving the ‘new’ request to an existing ID number or of simply deleting it in order to add the text manually.
Any ideas?


No problem, I prefer to answer these types of questions out here “in the open” so others can learn from them.

There’s currently no way to append one request to another. It was considered during development, but there’s some issues with how you handle the histories of each and how they would merge without confusing the original request and so on. We’re still thinking about it though and hopefully will have an acceptable solution in a future version.

For now, there’s a couple things you could do. If it’s a duplicate you could change the status to ‘duplicate request’ and simply close it. Also you can set your own status types in Admin->Settings if you want to create your own for this scenario as well.

Another way to handle it if the second request has different details than the first is to copy the second request, close it, and paste the body of the second request as a note into the first.

Another thing to consider is if you’re getting a lot of duplicate requests it may be because the customer doesn’t realize the request is in process. To alleviate this you could turn on the auto responders, if you haven’t already, for your mailboxes. This will send an email to the customer letting them know you’re on it.