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Adding setup or development requests


Is there any way in Helpspot that I can have a form that allows people to ask for tech support that’s not a ‘problem’ per se.

So, if someone wants:

  • a new staff member set up on the network
  • staff member moved or removed from a group
  • printer access
  • a query or report created
  • etc, etc


Well they’re really the same thing. We have many customers who use HelpSpot for these type of change requests. It’s really a matter of categorization. Once categorized you can slice and dice (filter) within HelpSpot as needed.

The first thing to do would be to setup categories for each type of request. You could then set the option to show those categories on the request form.

Some more advanced options include:

Setting up an email box for each type of request and use HelpSpots ability to auto-assign all requests from a mailbox to a category.

Create your own web forms for each type of request and have them generate emails when submitted. Send the emails into HelpSpot and use the email parser to send them to the correct categories. More details in the link.


Hmm, I’ve been reading about Savant. Would I create new form/pages using that which would create the email parser tags you mention in the link above?


Well you could create the form in HelpSpots template system. You’d need to add a new template and put it in custom_templates and you’d also need to list the page in the switch statement inside the index template.

The form could just be a regular form, but when you submit it the page that accepts it would then take the information and create an email using PHP’s email functions. Finally, in the body of the email place the tags and related information.

Of course you could actually host this form anyplace since it’s not tied to HelpSpot directly. So you could place the form on your intranet, or within your own applications, etc.