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Adding SMS Providers


We’re currently evaluating the product but are based in Australia and, alas, no Australian SMS providers are listed. Is it possible to add to this list and if so, what are the requirements for providers?


Hi Mark,

Sure you can add them. You’ll have to do it manually. You need to add them to the HS_luSMS table. The columns are pretty clear. The sizes are character limits, if you’re not sure what your providers are start by copying one of the others and adjust as needed. The sAddress is the email address your SMS provider users to convert email to SMS messages. Also for your convenience you could set fTop to 1 so it appears at the top of the list.


Thanks Ian. However, I’m assuming this only works for free SMS providers? Most of the Aussie networks have fee based SMS services and I’m not sure they allow an email based delivery - but I’m checking.

Can you confirm this? I don’t suppose there is any authentication built into the SMS delivery?


It should work for paid as well. The only criteria is that the service has an email to SMS bridge. As you can see from the list many do, but I’m sure not all do.

I know we have some customers in Australia using SMS, but I’m not sure which service they’re using.