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Adding tickets without the client getting an initial email


I have a lot of support issues open in my existing email right now. I want to put all of them into the HelpSpot system with their email addresses, but if I add them, I don’t want them to get an email notifying them that I added them, just when I make updates to the ticket. Is this possible? Loading the system with current tickets without notifying the person until I make a change?


Sure, it will pull them all in with no notification to them. This is the default behavior. When you add your mailbox in Admin->Mailbox there’s an option as to if you want to have a “we got your request” email go to them. By default this is off, but you can enable it and set the text of the message all from in the mailbox area.

HelpSpot never emails a customer without direct consent from you. So it defaults the auto responder to off, it defaults all notes in a request to private an so on.