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Additional columns


It would be really useful to have a few additional columns available in a filter including:

  • Age from last response, public or private (rather than age from when the request was originally opened)
  • Mark As Spam button
  • Move To Trash button

About half of our email needs to go to the trash (auto away responses) or to the Spam folder so it would be nice to have a one-click way to do this. Is there any way to get this functionality currently? Could this be added to a feature request list?


Thanks Dan we’ll certainly take a look at these, all certainly good ideas.

With that volume of junk email though you may want to think about some type of pre-filter as well. I don’t know if you already have a spam filter in front of HelpSpot but you should as a first pass. On the auto away’s if there’s any common traits you can identify you could use a HelpSpot mail rule to instantly close the requests (or move to spam/trash)


Thanks. We do filter out spam before it hits HelpSpot but a lot still gets through. We’ve also set up some rules to close auto away’s and auto responses but there are still many that do not fit a particular pattern. We’ll try to fine tune it as much as possible.


Not sure if you’re aware of this but you can also check them off and then at the bottom of the grid batch move them to spam/trash all at once.


Yea, that is the way we do it currently. It would just be nice to take the process from 3 clicks each time to just one click.


I gotcha, definitely down for consideration.