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Additional logic for filtering requests


We find the ability to filter very useful. However because of the current way the logic is processed where either any statement can be true or all statements have to be true we find we can’t filter the results quite like we want.

E.g. We want to be able to filter requests that are assigned to particular people so use AND but would only like to see OPEN requests in the list. We can’t do this at the moment.

This would be a great feature as it would extend the filtering capabilities.


So you mean have any one of 5 users who are assigned buy only open requests. So open AND (user a OR user b OR user c).


OK, I’ve got it down for consideration in a future release.


An interesting and potentially useful request for me as well, Ian. I can just see a fancy GUI now for ordering nested criteria… :slight_smile:


Yes, I think the biggest challenge with this feature would be getting the UI correct.