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Additional Note Types?


We have Public, Private, and External note types by default. Is it possible to add a custom note type, and by extension to then take action based on them?

For example, is there a way to add a “Status Note” option that functions the same way, except that it’s noted as this particular note type. I should like to make the text of the most recent “Status Note” visible to clients when they view their tickets, so they can always see the current overall status of the issue.

The main use of this would be in having an overall status (e.g., “This issue is waiting on development, but there is no ETA.”) independent of the whole request’s history, which includes possibly numerous statements related to the ticket being worked.


No, note types are not customizable as each has a specific function beyond just a label per se. What you could do is have a custom field for the current status and then on the portal you can edit request.tpl.php to show the value of this custom field. So I think that would accomplish what you’re looking to do there.


Custom fields don’t suffice due to the issues I’ve noted in other threads (inability to customize their display location or size). The notes are a perfect workflow, but I need more types of notes (which are analogous to a “support action” in other ticketing systems).

For example, when a user is resolving a ticket, I need to be able to track the resolution message specifically and separately from all of the other updates to the ticket. I also need to be able to require the resolution message to be created. Were I able to create a new note type, it would be “Resolve,” which would trigger an automation rule to change the status to RESOLVED and make a note called “Resolution.”

Is there any plan to ever add capabilities like this to Helpspot?