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Additional Security layer via the Portal


We are in the proceess of adding an additional security layer in order to access our Helpdesk via the Portal. This will require clients to ‘logon’ before they are able to access the KB/Forums etc.

We noticed that in the next release of Helpspot that it is intended to provide a security layer that is in two parts and will basically allow customers to be able to see specific. From what I undertsand, this wont be as ‘tight’ as what we intend to provide.

Questions: As we have only recenlty installed your software and have not had an upgrade to before, I am not sure what impact this will have (if any) on our configuration. In terms of the security layer in the upgrade, I am not sure how this will affect the layer we are adding.

Any information/guidance woudl be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Brent,

It shouldn’t affect you too much. The new login feature is only for the request check page and will allow customers to see their history, but does not extend beyond that to a general login or security system. All the template changes are documented so you’ll be able to updated your modified templates.