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Additional variables for creating links to the admin



Are there additional URL variables that we can use when creating a link to admin, other than the ones listed here:

In particular, I’d like to be able to change the the request to be Public, be able to set the Subject, and to add email addresses to the Cc and Bcc fields.

Ken (Campaign Monitor)


Hi Ken,

Not currently, but adding cc/bcc is in V3. Let me see if we can get the other ones in in time. Title shouldn’t be a problem. Making a note public might be trickier, but I’ll take a look.


That’s awesome Ian! Anything you’re able to add would be great, as it would mean one less thing to change manually.

Also, is it worth considering accepting POST values as well? I’m just concerned that, with the use of the tBody (which can be long) parameter too, that the length of the query string would be too long.



I haven’t tried, but you should be able to POST many of the variables in now. Give it a go if that’s an option.

Another thing to consider if you’re up for a little coding is to have the click go to your own script, have the script actually create a request via the API with everything set you want and then with the ID that’s returned redirect the user to that new request in HS.

The only thing you wouldn’t be able to control is the public/private note which you’ll need a URL param for in v3 as it required a coding change.

Of course this actually creates a request and I could see a case where you where you want to set a tBody but still leave it modifiable, etc (though you could have them modify on your end). Anyway just an idea that could be more flexible.


Hi Ian,

Yeah, creating a request via the API isn’t an option, as we don’t want the request to be created yet… there may be modifications to the body before we want to send the note.

I considered having a form on our side, that then created a note via the API, but not being able to make oublic was an issue, so I didn’t explore it further.