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Admin role cannot delete topics


I am newly assigned administrator role. I am trying to delete topics in a forum, but don’t get that option on my screen, even though my colleague in the same system does get the ‘delete topic’ button using the exact same clicks and process, also assigned admin role.

Is there something I am missing as far as process/procedure to do this? I need to assume control of our forum function, but am not able to access all of the admin rights I am assigned.

Can anyone help?

THANKS! Truly, Tess


What probably needs to happen is on the main forum screen, click manage forums. Edit the forum you need to manage and make sure you’re a moderator. Only moderators can delete topics.


I’ve done that, thanks. I sat next to a coworker who also has admin level access and we replicated each other’s actions all the way through to the topics. She gets buttons that I do not get, even though we are both admin, identical authorization levels and in the same instance of HelpSpot. I just don’t get the same buttons that she does. Our IT Director took a look too and he is scratching his head thinking that it’s likely a bug. Can you give me some advice? I desperately need to get up and running on these forums. Thanks!


Can you post a screenshot of the moderators enabled (green) on the forum you’re managing. You’d get to that via: Forum -> Manage Forums -> Forum Name -> List of moderators. Like this: