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Admin Search / API result limited to 50 rows


I’m using the API (with HelpSpotAPI.php) to list cases internally as that was requested. I noticed that by filtering on a specific ‘category’ and ‘open’ - it did not list all opened cases with that specific category (regardless of being assigned/unassigned).

Manually checking all cases with that category, unassigned and assigned to all individuals (attached to that specific category) would be more than 50.

Also making the same search from the admin gui only lists a result of 50 rows even if there are more results.

Is this a limit? I cant seem to find it in the documentation, and if so, can we change that limit to something else?


Hi Johnny,

There is a limit, you can change it in admin-settings-system


I just emailed in with this question, so you can ignore that email. I’m wondering though if there’s a way to specify this in the API request, rather than having to change the entire control panel to show 200+ records? Or a way to add pagination to those lists in the control panel?


Hi Derek,
If you want the change to only effect your search call you can use the “length” parameter to set how many records you want returned. So for example will return up to 500 results. Hope this helps!


Thanks, that’s perfect Matt. I was looking all over the docs for limit, and overlooked length. Could I suggest an alias there? Length to me conveys size of a given entity rather than a quantity of entities. In any case, thanks!