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Admin Settings unavailable


Over the weekend, I installed HelpSpot on a subdomain of my site, which is hosted by 1& (probably an important fact). I know already that my hosting package is not at a level sufficient to set up cron jobs, but the problem I’m facing more immediately is that only the License and Maintenance Mode sections have any information or options in them. Have I missed something in the installation manual, or is this another symptom of being hosted? I’d run the evaluation with XAMPP, but I’m not certain about how the Zend requirements would come into play.


I’m having a comparable issue (I believe)

This is on a WAMP box I setup/host , and everything “works” except the admin settings page (so ZEND/etc/connectivity to MYSQL all work)

It seems to be an ajax/JS error because the rendered HTML source seems to have all the content, but the menus for all the settings will not expand and show errors in the jscript console (both in IE6 and firefox3) ex. genrollover not defined, Ajax is not defined, event.observe is not a function… etc…

I don’t have any obvious errors in the apache log (like 404’s)

ideas? Thoughts? pointers?



PS if our issues are dissimiliar, sorry david, I’ll get my own thread :slight_smile:


To make the settings available, it was necessary for me to create a php.ini file in each directory containing PHP files so that the Zend Optimizer would be enabled in all circumstances. I also copied into those directories for good measure – I don’t know whether it was necessary or not.


OK great to hear you got it fixed. That’s rather odd, but it sounds like your host has a bit of an odd setup.