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Age of last public answer



I’d like to have in the Inbox and My Queue lists of tickets a column displayng the Age of the Last Public Answer.

For instance, I can have a ticket that is displayed as 2 weeks old but where I chat back and forth 2 times per day with the user, so there’s no delay to be concerned, and on the other hand I can have a ticket unanswered for two or three days and I really wouldn’t want my users waiting so long.

(or am I missing something obvious?).



Yes, this is possible. At the bottom of My Queue (or inbox) click customize columns. Add the column “last public update” and it will sow you the time of the last update.


thanks, that would do fine.

if I can be really really picky, I’d like to see the Age of Last Public Update instead of the Date: something like

“last answer: 16 hours ago”

instead of

“last answer: (say) 17 Sep 2008, 23:00”.


Thanks Luca. That’s not possible but we’ll certainly consider that for a future release.