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Agents being set to "Available" and "Not Available"


It would be very useful if you could make the agent login and logout more easy to get too. It should be a status button you can easily set from the top bar menu with a green light for “Available” and a reb light for “Unavailable”.

This would avoid agents getting ticket replies from customers who are not in that day or on vacation and help everyone maintain some set SLA’s (i.e. 24 hour response)

I’m surprised this was not done in earlier versions since it’s critical to keeping your response rates in check.

Awaiting your response


Hi Perry,

The system doesn’t currently do any assignment based on the user being logged in or not, do you mean a way to set your out of office forwarding?

In terms of response rates though, in HelpSpot the best way to manage this is with filters. You can create filters so that on duty staff can see anything they need to in real time.