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AJAX Selection Field: Problems accessing query



I am trying to implement a service providing input for an AJAX Selection field using PHP. But even the example file (ajaxfield.php) from the API manual page does not work. I found out, that _GET is not defined, although _SERVER[‘REQUEST_METHOD’] delivers “GET”. I would be glad if anybody could tell me the trick.

HelpSpot 2.4.2
IIS 5.1

Thanks in advance!



By the way: The response mechanism in principal works. An implementation not depending on the request query delivers valid input for the AJAX selection field.



Hi, again!

Problem seems to be solved after running an update for IIS. I retrieve the $_GET array correctly now. Only prolem: One of the other custom fields deleivers an empty entry, although filled in the GUI… but I will find out :wink:



OK, great to hear you’ve got it fixed! That’s a really weird issue $_GET should always be there. Sounds like some IIS oddness :slight_smile:

Let us know if there’s anything else you need.