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Alerting multiple users, only assigned to one


Bear with me. I have two people using the helpdesk, both are administrators. Only one gets assign work request. The other just simply wants to be informed when a new request is made. There is also supervisors who are not users of the helpdesk, but would like to receive an email when to administration assigns them a request. Confused yet? Right now I have automation rules setup that sends an email to the 2nd admin when the 1st admin gets a new request. I have a custom field with the supervisors in it, and an automation rule that email the appropriate supervisor when administration assigns them a request. The problem is the people are getting emails every-time the tasks script is run. This is confusing them. I need them to only receive an email once. The other admin only needs an email when a new request comes in, and the supervisors once when they are assigned a request.


Hi Sheldon,

It’s a little confusing :slight_smile:

I think the main issue though is that you need to add a flag that the automation rule can check for to see what emails it’s sent and only send an email if it hasn’t already. An example of how to do this is here: