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Alternate Notifications through Mobile App -- not email


HI All,

Been using HS now for a long time. and looking at ways to extend its reach in my org.

We have an app for some customers that we want them to submit a ticket through the API to HS, HS will handle the ticket as normal and when a public reply is made we will post that to a webhook and have the app handle the notification of the new message (controlled by notification preferences in the app itself)

Here’s the technical Question. Is there a way to suppress the the email notifications from HS?

IE is there a way to not send an email on public reply from HS?

I was thinking of trying to set up an SMTP server that would accept the message, but not relay it and send it to the user.

Any hints or tricks? anyone try and do something similar yet?


When making a public reply you can select to not send the email in the mailbox setting. See this screenshot: