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Am I missing something? Custom Field changes after ticket creation


Okay, so we have a few facilities and a receiver address setup for each one. I created a custom field as a simple drop down that lists each facility, this is a required field on the ticket submission form and I created email rules to assigne each receiver address to a “Location” when their tickets come in. I can see this custom field in the Workspace panel as a column however I do not see it in the ticket itself. Is there a way to make this available and changeable in the ticket? I can foresee issues arising where the ticket was assigned the wrong location etc and the value needs to be changed. Currently I am not seeing a way to change this custom field value on an existing ticket. Am I missing something?


I think the issue is that you need to assign the custom field to the proper categories. Custom fields are either associated with particular categories or marked as ‘always visible’ in which case they appear in every category. So go into the custom field screen, edit the location custom field and put it in appropriate categories (or always visible) and you should be all set.


Okay rule is set to always visible, I figured it out though so this can be disregarded. I had to actually set a category for it to be visible.


Perhaps you can post some screenshots because custom fields are only dependent on category not how the request was created. I think there’s either a setting off or perhaps something that’s being misunderstood as what should appear where.