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Analytics and Reporting


I am trying to create a saved report that I can export to excel at set weekly intervals so that I can run the data through some formula macros for quick calculations because the numbers help spot outputs are not really relevant, or at least in this scenario they are of no use to me.

I am running a resolution report and have added the filter to exclude one of my set categories which I don’t want in the data set. From there I can add the remaining filters I need without trouble but what I’m finding is that if I set the report to output the filtered resolution speed for a specified set of dates I appear to be only getting data from requests that were both opened and closed within that specified time frame. For example, if I run the report for June to date, I do not appear to be getting the resolution speed of any outstanding tickets from May closed this month. Is there an additional rule/filter which needs to be added? Perhaps I am misunderstanding what is actually set to be being reported?

Additionally it appears that non-business hours are not being excluding when the report is set to exclude them. I’ve double checked the admin settings are the business hours set are correct. As is, the average displayed includes tickets which were opened on a Saturday and not closed until Monday at the earliest instead of excluding the preset business hours and treating that request as if it were opened Monday and closed the same day. If I manually set the report to run for only M-F it seems to skew even more.

My end goal is to create a report which will track the current average total lifetime tickets are open so that I can take that data and create my own report which will calculate the running average request “lifetime” on a weekly/monthly basis.

Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction… Thanks