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Android Usage


I don’t want to sound negative or like the product is lacking but I am continiously trying to figure out the best way to use helpspot while mobile. We are a school district (I am mid level IT) and we have used helpspot for a couple years now. The product is great when at a PC and I like the freedom of being able to configure my “spaces” the way I want to see them. I have struggled with using helpspot on the blackberry platform (found that using Bolt browser worked best viewing in normal PC mode) and we have now moved to Android devices. We have Droid X’s which over a lot of screen relestate as do many newer phone models. To be honest the “mobile” version on any platform is just way to much, there is a ton of options to scroll through and they are not ordered well (maybe they are customizable). The iPhone layout actually looks/feels usable on my Droid except…there is no option to CLOSE tickets! I really can’t believe specific apps for iPhone/android/blackberry have not been developed yet. I wish I was knowledgeable enough to take on such a task. I would even be happy with an updated more user friendly mobile version but what is there now looks like it was designed for phones several years ago and not today’s high powered devices.

At the very least if the option to close tickets in the iPhone view could be added…or if it is just something I am missing I would love to know where the option is even if in the admin settings that has to be turned on.

Thanks for reading and for a great product.


Oops! I forgot to include that I can view the normal full layout on my droid it just involves zooming in and out which isn’t that big of a deal. The issue comes up when trying to input text in the note field where updates or resolutions are to be entered. Most of the time if you force the android keyboard up by holding menu you can input text but sometimes you can’t. I have found that when using the swype keyboard I can’t seem to input text at all in this field.


Hi Heath,

Great to hear from you, I’m glad overall the product is working well for you.

The upcoming HelpSpot version 3 addresses these issues. We’ve moved to a single unified mobile interface which will work in iPhone, Android, Blackberry among others. It’s still a browser based application, but you should have a much better experience.

V3 also includes a close button!

As a customer you’ll receive an email when the V3 beta is ready and you can also keep an eye on developments over on the blog: