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Annoying Authentication issue


We are using Helpspot with IIS6/PHP and have an annoying issue. Periodically after entering a response for an issue and selecting Update/Close we get taken to the Helpspot login screen, after reentering our credentials the text we have typed is lost and we have to rewrite our response.

This only happens maybe once or twice every couple of days but its annoying when you loose all your response.

Any suggestions as to what to change on our config ? Is there a PHP setting we can modify ?

Data Techniques, Inc.


Hi John,

Yes, this is an annoying issue. The only thing you can do in the current version is in Admin->Settings->Authentication set the session timeout to a longer period. Then you will only hit it that often. For instance you could set it to 10 years.

In version 2 we have a check that occurs when you click the create/update button on the request page to make sure you’re still logged in and if not it asks you to so you don’t lose anything.


I had the same problem twice today, and it stressed me out having to write all this info again. I had set my time relatively low, since I not always log on from my computer to update tickets, and I find myself walking away without logging off from a customer’s machine.

When will version 2 be available? I saw a request for beta testers, and I just started to use HelpSpot, so I am not sure if I should go for it.


The beta is available now, it’s generally for customers only but I can put you into the group if you like.



it took me a long time to start evaluating HelpSpot, but now I am starting to get hooked on it. The way my evaluation is going, you will gain me as a customer most certainly before my demo expires.

Please include me in the v2 beta testing program.



Sure. I’ll forward you the information now.